3 ways you can remember Syria this holiday

For years, our hearts have been broken by the conflict in Syria. This holiday season, the images of children who have been hurt and even targeted by the violence, especially in Aleppo, seem almost too much to bear.

In the face of so much suffering- including 8.6 million affected Syrian children- we can feel helpless. 

But we're not. Our voices, our actions, and our dollars can, in fact, offer hope to Syrian families. 

A rare moment of winter cheer for displaced Syrian children north of Aleppo.

Here are three ways you can help:

1. Donate: Give a one-time, or monthly donation to help children in dangerous places like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan.

2. Speak Up: Add your voice to the Canadians who are demanding that Canada play a bigger role in the Syrian peace process.

3. Act: Light a candle in solidarity with the people affected by the violence in Syria, then post it to social media with the hashtag #Candle4Syria. You can also tag us @worldvisioncan. Show the people of Syria that you have not forgotten them, and make a statement for peace to world leaders. Here are some photos of people around the world who have participated so far. 

Since the beginning of the conflict, World Vision has been on the ground, supporting the people of Syria with humanitarian aid. Because of help from Canadians like you, we've provided millions of Syrian refugees with things like clean water, medicine, remedial education, and psychosocial support for children. 

We can make a difference for the people of Syria this holiday season. Let's give them the gift of hope, and push for peace in the future. 

By Megan Radford