A meaningful meal for a hungerfree world

You know the ones: people with Instagram feeds so full of beautiful, delicious food they make you want to run out a buy some Le Creuset cookware and start chopping up a storm. 

Well last night, they all came together for one night of yummy food and great community, all for one cause: supporting the #hungerfree movement to make good food available to everyone. The night looked like this:

The event was held at the Berkeley Field House in Toronto, and the decor was simply beautiful. 

Guests arrived dressed to the nines, and ready to eat!

Everyone enjoyed the signature mocktails and making new friends in the courtyard. 

Sitting down to a beautiful table, we anxiously awaited the meal...and the story. Dennis the Prescott, Instagram chef extraordinaire, had carefully selected his favourite food memories for us. It looked like this...

and this...

and this...

As we ate, Dennis shared his memories of cooking in Kenya. 

His memories and vision for a world where every child gets to enjoy their favourite food inspired and moved us. There is enough food in this world to feed 1.5 times our population. So what can we do about it?


1. Celebrate food by choosing a meal, a coffee-date, or a your grocery bill as a guide for a donation amount to World Vision's food work.
2. Share your #hungerfree story on social media and join over 100 Canadians who have already joined the movement. 
3. Then check out hungerfree.ca to donate and find other ways you can have a global impact on how children are able to access and enjoy sustainable, nutritious food. 

Now if you'll excuse us, we have to find some more of that delicious chapati bread from Kenya that Dennis presented! #YUM

Story by Megan Radford