Back to school: How do you study?

As classes begin again next week, we thought we’d pass on some study motivation from the kids we partner with around the world. Here’s how they study for that next big test.


By solar-powered lamp: Neema, 11, and her sister Harusi, 14, show us how they study with their solar-powered lamp. The lamps World Vision gave the family have allowed the girls to improve their grades. "The lamps came as a relief to us," says their mother. The family can't always afford the kerosene for their lamps, so the solar lamps provide a reliable after-dinner lighting option for the studious sisters. (Photo/Chris Huber)


By reading: Isaías is 12 years old and in grade six. His school has implemented World Vision’s reading comprehension program, and it’s made a big difference for Isaías and his classmates. "This year, Isaías has showed interest in reading, he is very active and participatory" said his teacher. (Photo/WV Guatemala Staff)


With friends: Twelve-year-old Naikea is a peer tutor who helps younger students who are struggling in school. She uses her breaks to study with them in the library. (Photo/Soksetha Som)


Through art: Kabita, 8, attends a World Vision art class where she likes to draw the things she is learning at school. It’s fun to bring those pictures home to share! (Photo/Himaloy Joseph Mree)


With help from my teacher: Andranik Chitashvili is a six-year-old student at Vale Kindergarten in Georgia. World Vision has offered teacher training to people like Keto Lapachi, the manager of the kindergarten, so they can help Andranik and his classmates learn better. (Photo/Felicia Carty)

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