Canadians share joy with kids in Tanzania

In September a group of Canadians (who also happened to be World Vision child sponsorship ambassadors), collected donations provided by friends, family, colleagues, doctors, and even dentists! There were school supplies, toys, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, soccer balls, ball pumps, stickers and more.

These generous donations were for a very special purpose: to be given to children in World Vision communities in Tanzania. 

Seeing those gifts being enjoyed by kids was an incredible experience. The best part was playing with the kids and their new toys. These two little ones couldn’t contain their smiles when they received dolls hand-made by a group of Canadian retirees who call themselves "The Teddy Bear Ladies".

Here, Cheryl from Ontario is playing with the ball she gave to a very excited little girl.

Prabhjot, from British Columbia, is teaching a boy how to play frizbee with one of the donated toys. Imagine the wonder and joy of discovering a new game like this!

At this school in Tanzania, the kids went crazy when the soccer balls were brought out ! They got a game of hand-ball going and the ambassadors were happy to play along.

It was wonderful to witness how simple things, like stickers, made the children so happy and eager to share that happiness with us.

Mother Theresa said, "It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." There was a lot of love put into giving these gifts, and the love the kids shone back at us still has us bursting with joy.  

And to think it all started here, sorting through the generous donations of Canadians from across the country... 

By Kristian Foster