How do Canadians give?

Canadians are pretty generous- that's a fact. How do we know? We've got the numbers to prove it! 

Last year there were 52,153 Canadians who gave through our Gift Catalogue. They gave a total of 144,205 gifts. That's a lot of good being done in communities around the world!

We decided we wanted to know more about how Canadians give. We conducted a poll, and discovered this:

Health is a wonderful gift, and you can give it to people in the communities we work with through Gift Catalogue

Another great gift that Canadians love to give? Goats!

Those 2000 goats equal about 3.6 million litres of milk last year, to keep growing kids healthy!

After the poll, we took things a step further. We had a Twitter chat to check in with Canadians on how their Holiday giving was going. 

Question: Have you started shopping yet? What do you have left to do?

Question: What do you do to come up with new ideas? Are some people hard to buy for?

We feel you about those tweens, Lee-Ann. Did you know:

Question: How important is it that your family gives back this year? 

Thanks Canada for continuing to partner with us in making communities, families, and children healthy and strong.