Syria Six Year's On: Children Share their Fears and Dreams

Six years of violence has left an indelible mark on Syria’s children. They continue to pay the price of this brutal, adult war. Countless numbers have done so with their lives.

World Vision has worked with these children since the war began. Leading up to the sixth anniversary of the conflict, we asked them to share their fears and dreams with us. We also spoke to children in relatively safe countries to better understand how exposure to violence can influence a child’s view of the world and their ability to remain hopeful.

Enter the full interactive report above, then come back to learn how YOU can be a voice for these innocent children. They desperately need you.

3 Ways You Can Make a Difference

1. Share this page and use the hashtag #FearsAndDreams.

2. Support refugees overseas. We see the few that make it to Canada. But millions more are stuck in camps or makeshift accommodations, struggling to survive. Your donation will help provide essential items that will make living in difficult circumstances a little bit easier.

3. Support refugees in Canada. Volunteer your time, give funds or give other resources. Start at this Government of Canada page, that has more information on where refugees are being resettled and how you can support them.